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Photo of Move-In Day
move-in day

To Do List

Track your university requirements on the To Do List. If you've finished filling out your required and optional forms, please be sure to get to everything on your list.

before you arrive & orientation

Cornell Cinema — the silverscreen awaits!

Two locations on campus, cheap tickets, new releases and cinema classics. Check out the current schedule.

Take a Hike

, Health & CommunityFitness, Intramurals & Recreation

Did you know that connecting with nature nurtures your mind and body? The Cornell Plantations natural area -just steps from campus - is a great place to take a run, play Frisbee, or relax with a book.

Mom missing you already?

Mark your calendar for First Year Parent's Weekend, October 31-November 2.

About the Birds

Cornell's own Lab or Ornithology introduces this free app to help even the most novice birder identify their feathered friends.