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Photo of Move-In Day
move-in day

To Do List

Track your university requirements on the To Do List. If you've finished filling out your required and optional forms, please be sure to get to everything on your list.

before you arrive & orientation

What's the buzz?

As you get settled, check out the events calendar as well as electronic message boards inthe libraries, Cornell Store, Big Red Barn and other places for what's happening on campus.

What's your favorite way to break a sweat?

, Health & CommunityFitness, Intramurals & Recreation

Physical movement helps improve mood and is a healthy way to release pent-up energy, anger, or anxiety.

Cosmic lights

The Johnson Museum hosts world-class art right on campus, including the Leo Villareal Cosmos which can be scene glittering particularly at night.

Power Sleep

, Health & CommunityHealth & Wellness Services

Retired Cornell Psychology professor J. Maas is a world renowned sleep expert. Find out just how much sleep he suggests for peak performance! And learn how a 20-minute power-nap can keep you at your peak.