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Course Enrollment

Course enrollment is the process of getting your classes. As a new transfer student, your college will review your transcript and determine how many credits are accepted, and how they will be applied to your course of study at Cornell. Each college manages the course enrollment process for new transfer students differently. Your college will assist you with course enrollment during Orientation.

In addition to college degree requirements, you may be required to complete the Swim Test and/or a Physical Education course. Your college will let you know if you need to complete these milestones.

Placement Exams

Some students will be required to take placement exams online or during Orientation. These exams help the university know where to place you for certain course requirements. You may also wish to take optional exams to increase your academic flexibility. More information about placement exams will be available in the Orientation Guide (available mid-December).

AP/IB and Transfer Credits

If you have taken AP or IB exams, or courses at another college or university, you will want to know if you get credit for them, and how it will impact your academic requirements. Please send all transcripts from test scores and other institutions to your college registrar, if you did not already submit them during the admission process. This will give the university time to process them so that you can resolve any questions regarding transfer credit when you arrive on campus. Detailed information on AP and IB credit is provided in Courses of Study on a subject-specific basis.

Textbooks and Materials

The Cornell Store compiles lists of required textbooks and supplies each semester. After edition numbers and availability from publishers are confirmed, the lists are available online several weeks before classes start. Sufficient quantities of all books, many in both new and used copies, are stocked at the store so you do not need to buy them before you arrive on campus. In many cases it is recommended that you go to class first to determine which books you really need to purchase. The Cornell Store also provides kits for art and architecture courses and stocks art supplies year-round.