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Creating Your Schedule

In order to successfully create your schedule, follow these steps closely and consult additional resources your college sends you.

  1. Activate your Cornell NetID and email address.
    You will need an active Cornell NetID to login for Cornell email, course add/drop via Student Center. The university will send you enrollment information via your Cornell email address.
  2. Review your college's course enrollment information. Take advantage of college & university resources.
    Your college will send you information about how and what to consider during your enrollment window. If your college provides advisor contact information, do consult them. 

    Use the Courses of Study to view course descriptions and the Spring 2015 Class Roster to build your class schedule. Learn more about enrolling in classes.
  3. Enroll during your appointment window through Student Center (depending on your college this may occur before or after Orientation begins).
  4. January 13:  Check your Schedule and Registration Status on Student Essentials.
    On this date, you will be able to view any courses that you are enrolled in (if your college pre-enrolled you in anything) and verify that you have no holds preventing your registration.
  5. Add/Drop
    The add/drop period is your opportunity to make additions and changes to your schedule. In some colleges this will be your first opportunity to enroll in classes. There are restrictions on how long you have to add and drop various courses. However, the add period for most courses is 15-calendar days (second Wednesday after classes begin) from the beginning of classes and drop is approximately seven weeks from the beginning of classes. Your add/drop appointment window will be posted in Student Center January 7.

In future terms you will make requests for the upcoming term during the pre-enrollment period (in April for Fall 2015). Then you will have an opportunity to make additions and changes during Add/Drop in August.