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To Do List

Track your university requirements on the To Do List. It's not too soon to begin filling out required and optional forms.

getting ready

To learn more about your specific requirements, please visit your school or college website:

Cultivating Great Ideas

Rev - a business incubator supporting local entrepreneurs is a partnership between Cornell and 2 other local schools; opening this fall.

Smart Finances

Save yourself time and hassle, by signing up for direct deposit of your bursar student refunds and stipends. It just takes a few minutes to set up a profile in the Cornell Nelnet system. Register today.

International Cornell

Cornell is working to provide an international experience for all students at Cornell - whether this is here in Ithaca, or by travelling afar. Explore opportunities through Cornell Abroad and more.

Thanks for keeping us cool

Did you know that Willis Haviland Carrier, who invented the first modern day air conditioner, received his Masters degree from Cornell in 1901?