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The semester is almost here...

Make sure your To Do List items are complete and review additional semester start-up information.

You're coming to Cornell as a new first-year undergraduate in Fall 2015. Now what?

Make your transition an easy one.  You are expected to...

  1. Read and review information on topics, including Health & Community, Finances and more.
  2. Track your university requirements on the To Do List.
  3. Explore resources featured throughout the site.
  4. Return often. Highlighted resources are updated through your arrival on campus.

If you will be a new first-year undergraduate in Spring 2016, the site will be ready for you in the fall.  If there is general, university information for you before that, it will be posted on the First-Year, Spring 2016 page.

Your Go-To Place

The Tatkon Center for First-Year Students, the Tat, in Balch Hall is a gateway to the services, programs and possibilities at Cornell.

What's your favorite way to break a sweat?

Physical movement helps improve mood and is a healthy way to release pent-up energy, anger, or anxiety.

Keep it balanced

Learn to manage stress better by maintaining a balance between work, rest and play.

Cosmic Lights

The Johnson Museum has world-class art right on campus, check out the Leo Villareal Cosmos which can be seen glittering at night.