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First-Year Parents Weekend is Coming

Parents Weekend gives families the opportunity to experience Cornell from the perspective of their students.

You're coming to Cornell as a new first-year student in Fall 2016. Now what?

Make your transition an easy one.  You are expected to...

  1. Read and review information on topics, including Health & Community, Finances and more.
  2. Track your university requirements on the To Do List.
  3. Explore resources featured throughout the site.
  4. Return often. Highlighted resources are updated through your arrival on campus.

Info, workshops, study space and coffee

The Tatkon Center in Balch Hall is your first-year resource center.

Eat Local

Did you know there is a regular farmers' market right on Cornell's campus? 

Keep it balanced

Learn to manage stress better by maintaining a balance between work, rest, and play.

Conserve Water - We're in a Drought!

Shorten your showers to 3-5 minutes, turn off faucet when brushing teeth or shaving, and report running toilets or leaky faucets.  Supplies are low, so every drop counts!