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Last Minute Reminders

Classes begin August 23, make sure you're ready by completing all To Do List items, and verifying your registration status on Student Essentials.

You're coming to Cornell as a new first-year student in Fall 2016. Now what?

Make your transition an easy one.  You are expected to...

  1. Read and review information on topics, including Health & Community, Finances and more.
  2. Track your university requirements on the To Do List.
  3. Explore resources featured throughout the site.
  4. Return often. Highlighted resources are updated through your arrival on campus.

Nap Time

Retired Cornell professor, and world renowned sleep expert, Jim Maas explains how a 20-minute power nap can keep you at your peak.

Looking for advice?

Peer advisors in your college or school, RAs, and student peer-advising organizations are all great resources.

How 'Bout Them Apples?

A visit to the Cornell Orchards for apples and cider is a must. And nearer to campus, try the apple vending machine in the lobby of Mann Library@

Conserve Water - We're in a Drought!

Shorten your showers to 3-5 minutes, turn off faucet when brushing teeth or shaving, and report running toilets or leaky faucets.  Supplies are low, so every drop counts!