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New Student Programs
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Make the Most of Orientation

The four-day Cornell Orientation schedule is packed!  Academic briefings and meetings will answer lingering questions about course enrollment and advising. Other programs allow you to explore Cornell and understand university expectations.  The rest are focused on meeting new people through fun and social events.  

How do I prioritize my time?

Your time at Cornell is precious; use it wisely, and be proactive about your needs and dreams.  Consider what you want to be a part of while you are here.  

  • Will you be active in athletics or community service? A student organization or performance group?
  • Do you want to be in an honors program or are you looking for research opportunities?
  • Is there something you've always wanted to try?  

Departments and organizations want to make new students aware of their programs.  It is up to you to ask questions, seek out information, and take full advantage of the programs, information sessions, and presentations during orientation and throughout the academic year. 

Orientation — Beyond the 4 days

Orientation provides an introduction to academic, social, and cultural life at Cornell, but your exploration does not end when classes begin.  There are so many opportunities and programs to take advantage of, and resources to support you throughout the first year and beyond.

Tatkon Center

The Tatkon Center in South Balch Hall provides programming to help new students explore Cornell and make the most of their academic experience. It’s also a comfortable and convenient place to study on North Campus. The “Tat” is staffed by upper-level student staff willing to answer all your questions. 

Get to Know these People

Make an effort to get to know these people to make the most of your Cornell experience—and to provide a support team—if you need help.