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What's Coming

The New Student Orientation Guide—your source for all things orientation—will be available for download in late July.

Welcome to Cornell! Your new student orientation begins on Friday, August 17 and runs through Wednesday, August 22; classes begin on Thursday, August 23. 

Orientation offers both required and optional events designed to introduce you to life at Cornell, and to the fellow students, staff, and faculty who will help you make the most of your time here. You'll learn about campus resources that support your academic and career goals, interests, and well-being; ways to engage on campus; and a whole lot more about life on the Hill.

This introduction to life at Cornell is only the beginning of what we hope will be a continued exploration of the many opportunities Cornell offers, through your first year and beyond.

How Does Orientation Work?

During Orientation, you'll participate in academic, social, and cultural programs to help you get acclimated to campus. Students must attend all required Orientation events. You are strongly encouraged to attend optional events sponsored by your college and the university. All are designed to help you get to know campus and connect with the Cornell community.

Cornell student volunteers take the lead on creating many fun and informative events and programs for new students. You will also participate in a small orientation group led by a student mentor (Orientation Leader/OL) from your college. These student volunteers are here for you; don't hesitate to ask them questions.

Orientation Schedule

Orientation is full of opportunities to learn about Cornell and to help you begin to think about how you'll spend your time here. Academic meetings in your college will cover information about course enrollment and advising. Other programs will introduce you to Cornell's values and expectations. Still more are focused on meeting new people and discovering opportunities through fun and social events.  

As you plan your schedule for your first few days at Cornell, you may find you can't do everything you would like to. Make a note of what you hope to explore, and remember that you'll have time to continue learning about Cornell after Orientation ends.

The Orientation Guide will be available in late July. Keep an eye out for more information about when you'll meet your Orientation Leader and other updates. As details become available, take special note of "Cornell Essentials" including The Identity and Belonging Project and Speak About It.

For the most up to date information about orientation, visit the Cornell Orientation pages.