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You've been admitted and you're coming to Cornell as a new graduate or professional student in Fall 2019. Now what?

Make your transition an easy one.  You are expected to...

  1. Read and review information on topics, including Health & Community, Finances and more.
  2. Track your university requirements on the To Do List.
  3. Explore resources featured throughout the site.
  4. Return often. Highlighted resources are updated through your arrival on campus.

To learn more about your specific requirements, please visit your school or college website:

Empowering Women

The Cornell Women's Resource Center (WRC) supports the full and active participation of women-identified students in both their personal and educational pursuits.


Time in Nature = a Healthier You. Learn more about Cornell Nature Rx.

Get Calm

Download the Calm app for stress and anxiety reduction and a better night's sleep.

Volunteer and Engage

Get involved in the community, share your talents, meet new people, and explore service-learning opportunities with the Public Service Center.