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NetID & Email Questions

IT Service Desk
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Cornell NetIDs

A Network ID (or NetID) is a personal, unique identifier assigned to you. It consists of your initials followed by one or more numbers. You use it, along with a password, to obtain secure access to online services at Cornell.

Activate Your NetID, Email, and Two-Step Login

Beginning in late March, once the university has received your enrollment response and deposit, you will receive an email from "" at your admissions email address that your NetID was created and what to do next. Note sometimes this email goes to Spam/Junk folders.

  • Once you receive that email, you will sign in with your Application Status Page login information to activate your NetID and email. 
  • Next, set up Two-Step Login so you can access services vital to getting started as a new student, including Student Center and Student Essentials. Two-Step Login blocks criminals from using stolen Cornell passwords by also requiring something they don't have, such as your cell phone.

You should activate your NetID immediately. As a new student, you will set up your email account when you activate your NetID. Your email address will look something like this——where "ewe1" is your Cornell NetID.

Once you activate your NetID, it will be your permanent account, and you will use it to log in to Cornell services moving forward. NetIDs carry both additional privileges and additional responsibilities.

Your Email Options

Email service for students at Cornell is provided through G Suite (Google’s G Suite for Education). Along with email, Cornell G Suite for Students includes calendar, collaboration, and other tools. Learn more about Cornell G Suite for students.

If you choose to forward your Cornell email to an outside account, you can set that up in Google. Before you decide to forward your Cornell email to a non-Cornell account, please be aware of policy changes by the major email senders that may impact your email delivery. It is recommended that everyone with Cornell email use their account to send and receive mail. This will ensure that you don't miss important university communications.

Regardless of which email option you choose, you can still use the collaboration services offered through Cornell G Suite for students.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I forgot my Application Status Page password. 

    Visit the Application Status Page and follow the "Forgot your password?" link to reset your password.

  • What if I forget my NetID password?

    Passwords are kept in an encrypted database, and cannot be looked up by anyone. If you set up your password's security questions in advance, you can go to the Manage Your NetID page to set a new password yourself.

    If you forget  your NetID password, and you did not set up your password’s security questions, you will need to request a new activation code so that you can reset your password. To make this request, visit the IT Service Desk—in person, or contact them to schedule a video chat. You will need to provide proof of identity—your Cornell ID card or your valid government-issued photo ID card (such as a driver’s license or passport), or a photocopy of one of these.

  • Can I share my NetID and password with family or friends?

    No. Your NetID is for your exclusive personal use. It is a violation of university policy to share your NetID and password with anyone, including friends and family members. If someone has your NetID and password, they can look up and/or change personal and confidential information, violate federal privacy laws through your account, and more. Keeping your NetID password safe is one way you help protect your personal information and Cornell's data.