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IT Support

IT Service Desk
Tel: (607) 255-5500

Purchase Computers and Software

  • Review computer recommendations: Find out what sort of personal computer you need in the campus environment, and what to consider when purchasing a new system.
  • Check out student discounts at The Cornell Store: The Cornell Store offers academic pricing on selected technology products for Cornell students. Many software vendors offer student or educational pricing, and The Cornell Store has these available. Some software is free for students with a Cornell NetID. Their experienced staff will help you find the solution that’s right for you, plus they have a local repair center.
  • Get free software: Microsoft Office (the most current versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more), file storage with Box, and antivirus solutions are provided for FREE to students.
  • Look into other software options: Depending on your field of study, you may find the software you need in the university's computer labs; software differs for each lab. Most software required for classes can be purchased at The Cornell Store or through CU Software Licensing Services.

Get Connected to the Internet

Get connected to Cornell's Wi-Fi service. Cornell student housing is a Wi-Fi community, providing connectivity to the campus network and access to the Internet. Wi-Fi is available in most university residence halls and some fraternities and sororities. Students should connect to the eduroam network. Cornell also provides secure Wi-Fi service in key public spaces throughout campus, including libraries, student study lounges, and many campus dining facilities and academic buildings.

Protect Your Computer, Your Identity, and Your Privacy

  • Uninstall file sharing programs (for music, movies, software, etc. you don't own) prior to arriving at Cornell to avoid copyright infringement risks.
  • Find FREE antivirus solutions and install FREE software that increases your chances of recovering a lost or stolen laptop or smartphone, and learn what to do if your computer or NetID password are ever compromised at Student IT Resources.
  • Set your NetID password security questions so you can reset your password if you ever forget it or suspect it has been stolen.
  • Enroll in Two-Step Login so you can access services vital to getting started as a new student, such as Student Center and Student Essentials. Two-Step Login blocks criminals from using stolen Cornell passwords by also requiring something they don't have, such as your cell phone.
  • Always practice risk prevention to minimize the chances of theft or compromise to your devices. Apply best practices to safeguard your mobile devices against malicious software and loss or theft by using security precautions for mobile handheld devices. Find more online security tips and information at the IT Security and Policy page.

Student IT Resources

  • Many instructors use the Canvas learning management system to provide online course materials, including notes, slideshows, quizzes, and more. Use the new NameCoach tool to record the correct pronunciation of your name before the start of your first class. Your recording will be linked to your Canvas profile.
  • Computer Labs: Work on projects, use software you don't have, and print in the university's computer labs around campus. The labs have a variety of software, Windows and Mac computers, and networked laser printers.
  • CU Print: Install CU Print and start using your $15 annual print allocation. CU Print printers are available in many high-use areas around campus. Find out more about CU Print sustainability
  • Box: Unlimited free online file storage for secure, easy access and sharing of all your Cornell work. Access your files from anywhere, including your smartphone and tablet. Use Box Sync to make folders available on your laptop.
  • LinkedIn Learning and Skillsoft: Thousands of free online courses, videos, books, and software on the latest technical, creative, and business skills.
  • LastPass: All current students can sign up for a free LastPass enterprise account. Increase your personal and professional online security by saving all your passwords in one secure vault.