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The primary audiences for this site are new first-year, transfer, graduate or professional students who will be full-time students in either the fall or spring semester. The content and deadlines are geared to those populations and, depending on the time of year, to one semester or another.

  • April–September the site is for fall entrants
  • October–February the site is for spring entrants


Parents are welcome to read the information on the site relevant to their student. You will find the content and To Do List helpful in knowing what to expect from the university and requirements that your student must complete before orientation. Be aware that what you can see on the To Do List is a public view which differs from what your student can see when they sign in with their NetID.  It is against university policy for students to share their NetID and password with anyone.

Prefreshman Summer Program Students

If you are participating in the Prefreshman Summer Program (PSP), you are expected to complete all of the required items on this site. However, be aware that your deadlines may be earlier than those posted on the site, in addition, you have additional requirements to complete. PSP staff will communicate with you directly regarding requirements and deadlines.  

Cornell Tech Students

Cornell Tech students should refer to the Cornell Tech To Do List. This list is tailored specifically to Cornell Tech students and will ensure you have completed all necessary steps to matriculate. If you have any questions about what you need to do, please consult your program coordinator directly.

Early Decision Students

Early Decision applicants are admitted in December for the following fall semester. The spring site and To Do List, available at that time of year, will not apply to you. Please wait until April to see deadlines and To Do List items that pertain to all fall admits.

Exchange & Visiting Students

Exchange and visiting students study at Cornell for a semester or a year and then return to their home institution to complete their degree. Due to the unique nature of your program, you are a non-degree seeking student and do not fit directly within the broad degree-seeking categories of First-Year, Transfer, or Graduate and Professional students. However, you may be required to complete some of the forms found on this site. If you have any questions about what you need to do, please consult your college or program coordinator directly.

Students in Professional Programs on a Different Calendar

Some graduate and professional school programs do not operate on the traditional fall/spring academic calendar, e.g., Cornell Executive MBA Americas/Metro NY and one-year programs. If you are enrolled in one of these programs, you are expected to complete the required forms on this site but should adhere to the deadlines outlined by your program. If you have questions, please consult your college contact directly.