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Creating Your Schedule

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Dates to Remember

Nov 8-10 – Pre-enrollment
Nov 8-12 - FWS balloting
Jan 16 – Check registration & schedule
Jan 19 – Add/Drop begins

In order to successfully create your schedule, follow these steps closely and consult additional resources your college sends you.

  1. Activate your Cornell NetID and email address.
    You will need an active Cornell NetID to login for Cornell email, course enrollment, FWS balloting, swim test sign up, and course add/drop. The university will send you enrollment information via your Cornell email address.
  2. October 19: Visit Student Center to confirm your enrollment appointment window.
    Confirm your correct appointment window before any enrollment period begins. Visit Student Center and sign in with your NetID and password. Your appointment window will be listed on the right side of the page. You may enter course requests any time during your appointment window, but remember that courses fill as student requests are submitted.
  3. Review your college's course enrollment information. Take advantage of college and university resources.
    Your college will send you information about how and what to consider during your enrollment window. If your college provides advisor contact information, do consult them. Use the Courses of Study to view course descriptions and the Class Roster to build your class schedule. Learn more about enrolling in classes.
  4. Enroll during your appointment window through Student Center between November 8-10.
    1. View courses in which you were enrolled by your college, if any.
    2. Submit course requests based on your college specific information.
    3. Enroll in a Physical Education course (see #6 for more information).
  5. Cast your First-Year Writing Seminar (FWS) ballot.
    Beginning November 6, view FWS options. Cast your FWS ballot, ranking your top 5 preferences between November 8-12.  There are a wide variety of seminar subjects and meeting times, so you can choose seminars that fit your existing schedule. Do not choose seminars that conflict with your existing schedule.
  6. Decide if you will take the Swim Test and then sign up for the appropriate Physical Education (PE) class.
    Passing the Swim Test and taking two semesters of PE are university requirements for graduation. If you can swim, plan to take the swim test in April and enroll in any PE course you like.  If you cannot swim or do not feel confident about your swimming skills, enroll in Beginning Swimming (PE 1100) during your appointment window.
  7. January 16:  Check Student Essentials to view your current semester schedule and verify your registration status.
    In addition to verifying your schedule, you must make sure you have no holds preventing your university registration.
  8. January 19:  Add/Drop begins.
    The Add/Drop period is your opportunity to make changes to your schedule. There are restrictions on how long you have to add and drop various courses.  However, the add period for most courses is 15 calendar days (second Wednesday after classes begin) from the beginning of classes and drop is 57 days (mid-March) from the beginning of classes.