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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I find course offerings?

    The Courses of Study contains a current listing of the university's more than 9,000 course offerings. In addition to finding current course descriptions, the catalog also contains enrollment information, and college and university requirements and policies.

    The Class Roster provides a list of all classes that are offered in a given semester, including meeting times and course descriptions. Use the Class Roster to create your schedule by searching on various criteria including field of study, time/day, credit hours, depth/breadth. The Roster, together with the Courses of Study, will help you to figure out what is offered and when so that you can plan your schedule.

  • When will I receive more information about course enrollment?

    Most colleges post information about course enrollment on their websites by early November. In addition, some colleges may send instructions by email, so activate your NetID right away and check your Cornell email address often. When enrollment information does become available, take the time to read it thoroughly.

  • I can't find or don't have an appointment on Student Center.

    When you sign in to Student Center beginning October 19, there are several blue boxes on the right of the screen. Your enrollment appointment will be noted in the box labeled "Enrollment Dates." Click on "Details" in the lower right corner to view the entire appointment window. You may enter course requests any time during your appointment window, but remember that courses fill up as student requests are submitted. If you don't have an enrollment appointment noted in that box, please contact your college registrar's office.

  • I won't be available during my appointment window, what should I do?

    If you will not be able to enroll at any point during the entire window, contact your college advisor if one has been assigned to you, or your college registrar to find out what to do.

  • How do I enroll in courses?

    You will use Student Center to request courses for the spring semester whether during the enrollment period or the add/drop period. Learn more about entering your course requests in Student Center. Please note, the First-Year Writing Seminar ballot is submitted during a similar window as enrollment, but at a separate site (not Student Center).

  • My friend was pre-enrolled in several courses, and I wasn't pre-enrolled in any, is that a mistake?

    No. Each college manages the enrollment process differently. Some colleges and schools will enroll their students in one or more courses, while others may not pre-enroll their students in anything. Enrollment may even vary based on a student's major. It is the policy of the individual academic unit.

  • Why can't I drop one of the courses on my schedule?

    You may not be able to drop a course you were enrolled in by your college. You'll be able to determine this if the check box in the Select column is greyed out. Contact your college registrar if there's a problem.