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Contact Information

Cornell Recreational Services
305 Helen Newman Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Tel: (607) 254-2824

Physical fitness is an essential component of overall wellness and academic success. 

Recreational Services

Recreational Services offers a wide variety of fitness, wellness, sports and open recreation activities for the Cornell community. This includes dozens of intramural sports from soccer and flag-football to basketball and inner tube water polo, recreation centers and an on-campus bowling alley. Recreational services is a wonderful resource if you are looking for fun, social, and low-cost ways to stay active as a Cornellian.

Cornell Outdoor Education (COE)

COE is the largest and most comprehensive collegiate outdoor education program in the country. Programs, classes and leadership opportunities abound.

Club Sports

There are dozens of different club sports from ice hockey to martial arts. Some groups compete and some don't. 

Physical Education

Anyone can enroll in a physical education class to improve their fitness level and to learn new skills. Dozens of courses from water sking and fly fishing to soccer and tennis are offered throughout the year. Undergraduate students are required to complete two semesters of physical education.

Tips & Topics

  • Safe Swimming

    Cornell’s gorges are beautiful and safe for hiking – when on designated trails – but not for swimming. There are numerous safe and scenic swimming options on or near campus.