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Get Involved

Involvement in extracurricular activities will help you develop a new community here at Cornell.

You're coming to Cornell as a new undergraduate transfer student in Spring 2018. Now what?

Make your transition an easy one.  You are expected to...

  1. Read and review information on topics, including Health & Community, Finances and more.
  2. Track your university requirements on the To Do List.
  3. Explore resources featured throughout the site.
  4. Return often. Highlighted resources are updated through your arrival on campus.

As a transfer student, you already know a lot about college life. This site is designed to help you transition to Cornell life.

Everyone has a right to feel SAFE & SECURE at Cornell

No one should have to endure physical or emotional threats or violence.  Learn more about services to empower and support you.

Students in the Learning Strategies Center

Looking for extra help?

The Learning Strategies Center (LSC) has an array of services to help you reach your academic goals.

McGraw Tower at Night

Just Hop on the Bus

The Big Red Shuttle is a late-night bus service designed to get you home safely.

Adjustment Jitters?

Starting out in a new place can be stressful at times.  Cornell offers many resources (formal and informal) for guidance and support.